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Counseling for people living with HIV

The life and health of people living with HIV depends on antiretroviral therapy, the medication that keeps the HIV infection under control. Out of the 260,000 people living with HIV in Ukraine, 152,000 were receiving anti-HIV treatment. If you arrive in Romania and need HIV psycho-medical-social services, we are at your disposal to help you navigate the medical system

What can we help you with

Access to doctors

You may be registered and receive HIV medical care in one of the 10 Regional HIV Focal Points ready to receive refugees from Ukraine. We will guide you to the nearest center.


In the 10 Regional HIV Focal Points you will receive the same antiretroviral treatment you have received so far, in Ukraine. You will also be able to benefit from monitoring your treatment with specific blood tests. If you need it, we'll schedule you for a medical examination.

Support network

War may cause mental and emotional tension that could turn into traumatic stress. It is good for such stress to be prevented and treated in the first 3 months after the traumatic events. We can put you in touch with a psychotherapist who works pro bono.

All psycho-social services offered by Asociația Sens Positiv are free of charge, anonymous and confidential. We have been guiding people living with HIV through the psycho-medical-social system for 17 years. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been offering the same help to the Ukrainian refugees living with HIV, who are in transit in our country or will stay here for longer. Contact us about any aspect of living with HIV.

Ukraine Child Cancer Help

If you are a parent, a relative or a friend of a Ukrainian child who has cancer and needs medical assistance, contact us.


On dopomoha.ro you can find all the necessary information about crossing the border and how to find support in Romania.

Emergency Support

Do you want to request resources or to offer any type of resource other than housing to the relief team? Go to sprijindeurgenta.ro.

One Roof

The platform unacoperis.ro can help you find housing and those who can offer support can make their properties available.