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About us

Developing Consiliere HIV is a respunse to the increasing need of refugees to access proper healthcare services destined for chronic patients. Through this platform, that can be accessed for free, Ukrainians diagnosed with HIV have access to information in English, Romanian, Ukrainain and Russian, free mental and social services, offered in anonimity and confidentiality, specialists, doctors, 10 HIV focal points, and the skills and support of Sens Pozitiv organization.

We have been working for 17 years to improve the lives of people living with HIV in Romania and those at high risk of contracting the virus. Being aware there are over 260,000 people living with HIV in Ukraine before the war and the large number of refugees, we made ourselves available to HIV-positive people arriving in Romania since the first days of war. The solution that Code for Romania helps us with, consiliereHIV.ro, will make our work easier and will help more HIV-positive refugees to find out about the Sens Pozitiv services and to access them.

Alina Dumitriu, Executive Director of the Sens Pozitiv Association

CONSILIERE HIV is one of the solutions that responds quickly to the new needs for access to services of Ukrainian refugees. We are referring to vulnerable people, people diagnosed with a chronic disease, those who had to leave their country, their doctor, the care services offered in their language, and arrived in Romania. CONSILIERE HIV is Code for Romania's consistent response to this need: easy, fast, in the language spoken by those in need of such health services, with access to the expertise of partners who have been counseling people diagnosed with HIV for 17 years. Solving such crisis situations through technology is in our DNA.

Bogdan Ivănel, President of the Code for Romania Association